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What brought you to Sevenpointfive?
Pains in my body became unbearable. It made me depressed. That is why I went to Sevenpointfive.


What was your state of health prior to Sevenpointfive?
I am a Lupus patient and my previous specialist (I have been seeing her for the past 3 years) kept on increasing my chronic medication. I was sick every day and night, was more at home than at work.


What other methods of healing have you tried and what medications were you on and for how long?
I went to several GP’S. My medical aid used to be always exhausted. The medication I used for 3 years: Methotrexate, Plasmoquine, Be-Tabs, Folic Acid, Nexiam, Coxflam, Cortisones, and Celebrex. Every time that I went to see my specialist all she did was increase the dosage of Methotrexate. I end up taking up to 40 tablets a month.


What change did you first notice once on the Sevenpointfive Program?
My body had less pains in the joints, I slept well, although I am still having joint pains on the right arm and knee, which I was taking treatment for 2 years now.
I have lost weight – because of the correct diet, as a BONUS.


How long did it take for you to regain physical / mental control over your life?
After the 3 years – I decided that I cannot stay on the medication because I was becoming worst. Now, I feel that I did the right thing for myself.


How has Sevenpointfive changed the quality of your life?
I sleep well. My life is really normal. No more depression over the Lupus! I feel like I living again. I am more relaxed, not miserable. I feel great. Really!
How has your opinion of the medical profession and natural health changed?
I believe the natural health is the best way to go. No side effects and I am feeling stronger day by day!


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