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Live Blood Analysis was pioneered by Sevenpointfive in South Africa in 1997. It allows one to get an immediate insight into what is happening inside one’s body.

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BEFORE: In these pictures, the red blood cells are clumped together, the white cells are much smaller than the red cells and the lines in the open spaces indicate liver stress. A large cholesterol crystal can also be seen.

AFTER: 15 minutes after taken three Sevenpointfive products, the red cells have separated. New, healthy, larger white cells have been produced and the liver stress lines have disappeared. The body has started to dissolve the crystals. This shows how quickly the body will repair itself, given the right nutrients and environment.

The pictures above were taken from our live blood analysis microscope systems. Our microscopes are laboratory quality units with Brightfield, Darkfield and Phase contrast. This enables us to use the correct view to identify all aspects and conditions in the blood.

The Live Blood Analysis involves a pinprick of blood taken from your finger and placed on a microscope. We then look for imbalances, deficiencies and irregularities in your blood which provides clues as to how and why this may be affecting your health.

Unique to Sevenpointfive is the before-and-after process we follow. You will be asked to drink only water before the appointment.  After the initial sample is taken and analysed, you are given three of our all-natural products: Ionic Coral Calcium, Assimil-8 digestive enzymes and Activ-8 antioxidant formula.  Just 15 minutes later a second sample is taken, and we will demonstrate the differences exhibited in the blood in that space of time as your body starts initiating changes.  

The photographs above provide a clear demonstration of how quickly the body will repair itself, given the right nutrients and environment.

Once the live blood analysis process is completed, we will tailor a bespoke program based on addressing your main concerns and any issues highlighted in the live blood analysis.  The program will include an eating plan and natural supplement recommendations, and you will be requested to return for a follow-up appointment in order to track your progress.  

You may be required to make lifestyle and dietary changes if these are sabotaging your health goals, and it will be well worth it when you regain control of your health and start enjoying optimal vitality. 

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