Sevenpointfive’s guide to immune health

Our immune system is one of the most incredible and complex features of our wonderfully made bodies. It is made up of specific cells, organs and chemicals that fight invaders and pathogens. 

The white blood cells in your immune system are manufactured in these organs:
– lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes
– spleen
– bone marrow
– thymus 
– tonsils
– adenoids

 Your skin, lungs and digestive tract also form part of a first line of defense against invaders. 

Immune function is vital to our survival and fitness and can be enhanced or diminished by several factors, most of which includes what we put in our mouths. Below are reminders as to what active steps to take in order to boost immune health, as well as what and why these affect us:

Besides providing zero nutrition, sugar lowers the immune system by dramatically robbing the body of Vitamin C, which is crucial in maintaining a strong immune system. This includes sugar alternatives such as xylitol, agave, syrup, fructose, coconut blossom sugar, glucose and foods that contain these such as soft drinks, ice-cream, chocolates, cookies and other desserts and sweets.  Avoid it and your immune system will thank you, as will your pancreas and your waistline.

Smoking is another culprit in depleting Vitamin C levels in the body, besides its other travesties. Give your lungs, and every cell in your body, fresh air.

Water is crucial weapon in your immune system’s arsenal, so drink at least 2 – 3 liters of good, filtered water daily. This does not include Reverse Osmosis water, sparkling water or tap water.  It does include fresh spring and mineral water which provides optimal hydration.  

The sun converts cholesterol to Vitamin D, so ensure that you are not wearing sun-screen if you want to reap this benefit.  Vitamin D  strengthens the immune system by activating T-cells.  The sun acts as a natural disinfectant and has a germicidal effect. Non-strenuous exercise encourages lymph fluid to move through the lymphatic system, carrying wastes and toxins out of the body. It is a central part of your immune system.

Raw ginger, garlic and onion provide far-reaching benefits that extend beyond boosting immunity, so include them frequently when preparing meals.  Keep some fennel seeds and parsley handy if you don’t particularly enjoy a garlic breath.

Disturbed sleep compromises the immune system because it hijacks the opportunity for the body to regenerate, rebuild and repair itself.  This link has some excellent tips for better sleep, and highlights why sleep does more than just strengthen immunity.

Olive leaf extract is one of nature’s most respected antimicrobial agents. Olive leaf contains a bitter substance called Oleuropein, which when tested in the 1960’s, stopped every virus that it was tested against, as well as inactivating bacteria by dissolving the outer lining of microbes. 

There is no known disease-causing organism that can live in the presence of even minute traces of simple metallic silver.  Based on lab tests, destructive bacteria, viruses, candida and parasites are killed within minutes of contact. Sevenpointfive’s Silvermax has been shown to be successful against up to 650 pathogens, without any side effects or toxicity to the body.  

We recommend daily use of Sevenpointfive’s Olive Leaf Extract and Silvermax for their virus fighting capabilities but like any other supplement, should not be considered a cure-all or panacea. Supplements should be part of a comprehensive program that includes better diet, exercise and stress control methods. 

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