Sarah McKay

Sarah McKay

Sarah was first introduced to Sevenpointfive at a young age when she visited a Sevenpointfive consultant with her dad. She remembers being amazed at how quickly you could see positive changes in the blood after taking certain supplements. A couple of years later, her sister, who had been struggling with severe dysmenorrhea, had her first pain-free period after being on a Sevenpointfive protocol.

Sarah studied a Bachelor of Science in Human Anatomy and Physiology at the University of Stellenbosch. She then went on to study a Diploma in Nutritional Products through The International Academy of Nutrition as well as a Certificate in Health Coaching through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She did her training in live blood analysis and became a consultant for Sevenpointfive in 2021. “Sevenpointfive brought everything together for me. It has been the perfect combination of utilising my knowledge from my studies over the years as well as my passion for holistic health and natural living and addressing the root cause of a problem instead of just medicating the symptoms.”

“I love that live blood analysis allows you to see a picture of your health at a cellular level. And that you can see how your cells are functioning in a live state instead of just being given a report like in conventional blood testing. It’s also a wonderful tool that allows people to see abnormalities and improvements directly and allows them to be able participate in the discussion of these things.”

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Address: 28A Wale street, Cape Town CBD, 8001

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