Linky van der Walt

Linky van der Walt

After completing Health, Fitness and Mindfulness courses, I wanted to pursue a career in General Wellbeing because a lot of people have health issues. I was working in my friend’s health shop when I first heard about Sevenpointfive. It all just made so much sense to me.  Shortly thereafter, my father had another one of his severe gout attacks and I decided it was time to look at root of his problem, instead of just swallowing a couple of pills and then having another inevitable attack as soon as something disagreeable was ingested.

I took him to see Dr Sashni Naicker, a Sevenpointfive consultant in Durban. She did a Live Blood Analysis with him and recommended a Sevenpointfive Detox protocol, which included Sevenpointfive supplements and dietary changes. My Dad made a remarkable recovery and I was convinced that Sevenpointfive was the way to go concerning health and lifestyle. I attended a Live Blood Analysis course in Cape Town with Garth Kent shortly thereafter. I am still in awe of how simple yet effective the whole Sevenpointfive protocol is, and I’ve had tremendous results with clients. Last but not least, my Dad has not had one single gout attack since he started with Sevenpointfive.

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