Joint pain: I am most impressed with Sevenpointfive

Two years ago I started to suffer stiff muscles, joint pain and fatigue.  The main problem being unable to rise from a sitting position.  After numerous blood tests an MRI and numerous visits to consultants, there was no diagnosis and no ease from pain.

On holiday in Hout Bay, South Africa, I saw an advertisement for Live Blood Analysis and made an appointment with Mireille. She suggested chemical toxins in the allopathic medicines were possibly to blame. During the five day detox I gave up all medicines including my blood pressure pills. 

After five weeks my blood tests have changed tremendously. No more candida has been found, cholesterol crystals had broken down to granules when they were previously large chunks and the red blood cells were really big and bold. My blood pressure has dropped from 143 to 117 and I have lost 3Kg.

I feel much better, look better and am walking more easily.  There is some pain and stiffness but the problem appears to be on the way out. I am most impressed with Sevenpointfive products in the way they support the body naturally. More good news - the products are also now available in the UK where I am from!

Thank you Mireille of Hout Bay Sevenpointfive for being so positive and supportive.