My headaches are a thing of the past!

I have been suffering from severe headaches for most of my life and I would take painkillers at least 5 times a week to treat them. My symptoms also included very painful joints, especially in my wrists and ankles. I went to the doctor and they did a uric acid test but could not find any cause for alarm.  

I had a bad chest infection which the doctors treated with a strong course of antibiotics and cortisone. I felt really dreadful and drained and decided to go for a consultation at the SevenPointFive Fourways branch.


When they did the live blood analysis, my system was found to be in a really bad state. There were huge uric acid crystals in my blood and a whole lot of other debris. All of my red blood cells were irregular in shape and clumped together. I was put on a detox diet and got a whole lot of SevenPointFive products to use.

I have been so impressed with the change in my health. The headaches are a thing of the past. My joint pain has totally disappeared. I really feel 100% better and I will continue using SevenPointFive.


Annie Storar via Kyra at Sevenpointfive Fourways