Chronic fatigue syndrome: My strength is returning

I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 2007. It was so bad that I could not hold a conversation because I did not have the strength to think, never mind talk. There were days where if I got up, had a shower and checked my e-mail it was a good day. I went to Dr P Gerin in Fourways and he found 4 chronic bacterial infections which were treated with a week's worth of antibiotics, once a month for 9 months. We had to drive through to Joburg from Gaborone, Botswana every 2 months for checkups. I also had to change my diet to Low GI, and at the time cut out sugar completely as it was feeding the bugs.

It started getting better, but never completely. (I once did 2 sudoku's on easy, and had to sleep for 2 hours afterwards.) 

At the beginning of 2009 we moved to Cape town and I went to Dr Graham Gordon of He specialises in fatigue and tropical diseases. He did some tests as well and we added some more bugs to the list.

His approach was different in that he gave me Biltricide, which kills off the bugs. It's non-toxic, but the side effects of everything dying is pretty tough. Cortisone kept the side effects under control though. That also worked for a while but never got me out of the dip. I was doing a lot better, going back to studying and then eventually working, but I could never do more than a half day because it would be too exhausting.

So then he started giving me Deca Durabolin (Anabolic steroids. You could just imagine the guys joking about me being on 'Roids')  That helped and I levelled out, with the occasional ups and downs.

Then about 5 weeks ago I decided to go to Virginia Holst at Sevenpointfive Steenberg Branch, because my brother who struggles with the same things had gone there, and my aunt Carina is on it for cancer treatment.

The detox was heavy, but I can say it was worth it. My head feels clearer, brain-fog is a lot less. I definitely have more strength  and I can feel it if I miss taking my tablets. Its strange to explain, but the best I can think of is that I don't feel like I'm tired into my soul anymore. It feels like I can stand upright and not collapse into a heap. I still feel a bit gross, but the core strength is definitely there.

I got married in August last year to an amazing man, and I'm able to do housework as well as work 4 days a week.

My plan is to use Sevenpointfive to support my body, while still taking biltricide when I feel that I need it. I don't think they're all dead yet.