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After 3 days, I felt a big difference

After having been sick for a long time, with backache for 7 years and abdominal pains for three months, my husband took me to Sevenpointfive as a last resort.

A live blood analysis was done and a number of things were discovered to be wrong with me.  I was put on a special diet for a week and was given some supplements to take.  After three days, I felt a big difference.  The backache and abdominal pains were much better.  I even went to write an examination, which I thought I would not be able to write. 

My hope is that people will be more aware that their bodies respond very much better to natural medicines than to medicinal drugs and that there are no side effects with natural medicines.  Our bodies are natural.  I have realised that if we could stick to a good diet we could prevent a number of diseases, which affect us due to poor nutrition/bad diet.