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My son is calmer and enjoying school

Raymond started on MINDSET two days before the 1st term of school. Within a week, I noticed changes.

Shopping used to be a nightmare with him running up and down the isles and being loud.  The first Saturday after him starting, we went shopping and he was definitely calmer.

He walked with me through the shop without running all over.

His teacher has remarked on how much calmer and more manageable he has become. I can see it at home as well.  He is far less excitable and I have felt more relaxed with him. He is repeating grade 1 again and I have noticed he is enjoying school. 

My friend, who I give a lift to work everyday, remarked recently that there has been a vast improvement with Raymond in that he sits quietly in the car, he is less excitable and is not as frustrated as before.

His concentration ability at home has improved and he is spending more time creating, looking at books and really taking an interest in things around him. I have just signed him up at the library, if I had done this last year, it would have been a mission. He would have disrupted the whole place. He now finds the books that he is interested in, sits on the floor and pages through them really well, chooses the books he wants to take out, and behaves so well. He seems a lot less impulsive and demanding.

I really feel that MINDSET has helped him and I will continue to give them to him.  I am happy with the results so far. I am a lot less stressed when going ‘out and about’ with him.

I am sure that we will be able to assess his progress better after a longer period of time, especially with his schoolwork. I will let you know about this at the end of the first term.

Best regards,