ADD, ADHD, hyperactivity or learning problems. These conditions plague many of todays children. Parents have more questions than answers most of the time. What causes it? What can be done about it? Where do you turn?

First we must clarify, that there are different kinds of learning problems. ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder is most commonly seen as a learning problem, not necessarily accompanied by unruly behaviour. It usually means the child has an exceptionally short attention span.

ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder is also very common, and usually displays the symptoms of unruly behaviour and a short attention span.

ADD is not restricted to children either, many adults can have ADD or ADHD.

Many parents have been recommended to put the child on Ritalin or a similar drug. There are many conflicting reports on what this does to the child, what side effects it may have etc. and we will not delve into that here. We believe that an ADD sufferer will normally be helped by a natural alternative, and we have had success with this method.

Diet is the first area we need to look at. Many parents have been told their children have wheat, dairy or other food intolerances. The US Department of Health and Human Services says research has shown that about 3% of children might have a clinically proven food intolerance and this amount drops to 1% of adults. Therefore a child responding to a change in diet that cuts out these "problem" foods is normally having a good diet for the first time, or is responding to the increased energy not eating these difficult to digest foods. Normally, supplementing with the correct digestive enzymes will help immensely. Assimil-8 has many of these enzymes.

Sugar and processed foods, do however need to be carefully monitored, if not completely cut out of the diet. Many children whose diet consists of cool drinks and sweets will exhibit hyperactive behaviour.

Supplementation is another area that ADD sufferers need to look at. There is much information about supplements needed to manage ADD. Sevenpointfive's Mindset product has just about all of these ingredients, and has been tested and endorsed by the Hyperactive support group of South Africa. Mindset includes, among others, GABA, pantothenic acid, evening primrose oil, L-Glutamine, valerian root and coral calcium powder. Each of these perform specific functions which can help an ADD sufferer control this disorder.

Many parents have been able to use these suggestions to improve their child's perfomance at school and avoid the use of drugs.