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Sevenpointfive’s water bottle is made of polycarbonate and holds 1.8 liters of water.

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What water bottle should you use? Glass is always best as it contains no chemicals to contaminate your purified water, however, it is heavy and fragile.

Plastic is the obvious choice, but you would need to choose the safest option.  The sad fact is that many suppliers of bottled water use poor quality plastic – which then contaminates the water.

There are many different kinds of water bottles made from different plastics.  Unfortunately, plastic is not always entirely inert, meaning it can react with whatever it contains and the plastic might also be porous.  This means that the pure water you drink may be contaminated through the plastic bottle you are using or by the bottle itself.

Our water bottle carries 1.8 litres of water.

What water bottle does Sevenpointfive recommend?

  • Sevenpointfive recommends bottles made of Polycarbonate, the same plastic used for baby bottles.
  • Generally you can tell what kind of plastic the bottle is made of by checking for a recycling triangle.  Ideally it should have the number 7 in it, otherwise the number 1 is also acceptable.
  • Sevenpointfive imports their water bottles from the USA



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