In 1995 I discovered that I had T.B. and for many years after the T.B. had been cleared from my lungs, I was left with a low immune system. This left me susceptible to every bacterial chest infection going around. I was on antibiotics almost every 2 to 3 months, for years thereafter I was on all the immune boosting products e.g. I tried Echinacea, Sutherlandia, pure oxygen drops etc. you name it, but nothing worked

I spent thousands on Doctor’s, Lung Specialists, X-rays, antibiotics and vitamins.

One morning, I watched a program on T.V. and this American Doctor was giving a talk on the benefits of deep sea fossilized Coral Calcium and how it had slowed the growth of tumors and cancers in lab rats on high doses of calcium in conjunction with conventional treatment. It was then put to the test on human subjects and it had the same affect on those taking the calcium doses etc. This made a lot of sense, pure calcium helps to promote good healthy bones which in turn means healthy marrow and if your marrow is healthy then your blood will be healthy. This study was a two page article in the New York Times according to this doctor. 

I phoned around to all the pharmacies and eventually found “Coral 8” by 7.5. I started taking this calcium twice a day and after 6 ½ months I had my regular blood check up and for the first time since 1995 my immune system was up and running properly and this was October 2002. I have hardly been to the doctors with lung problems since and as Coral 8 was the only change to my diet I give full credit for the return of my health to this product. Further,  when buying this product in the pharmacy in Hout Bay, an old lady next to me at the counter exclaimed “oh, what a marvelous product and how it had turned her life around!”