I have recently had an appointment with a delightful lady at your PMB branch, her name, Vanessa, I would like to compliment you on your choice of staff. She is so friendly, caring and patient and a bonus, is her knowledge.
I came to meet her through two of my friends that recommended her to me. She had helped them successfully with their health matters.
I did’t have a major problem and soon came to realize how my body works and reacts to sadness, loneliness and depression. Vanessa always gave me time to spill my heart, cry, laugh and just be. She never rushed me and always encouraged me.
I did the detoxification, took the necessary supplements and then went onto the maintenance dosage. Due to costs I am now only on Mindset, Assimil8 and Coral Calcium which I wouldn’t be without. I would appreciate it if you would somehow recognize Vanessa as your Sevenpointfive consultant and appreciate her for the work she is doing for your company.
I am a retired teacher and went through life never being recognized, so this is why I don’t neglect praising those that do good.
Thank you for hearing me out.
“A very happy client”