Dear Pam


Herewith are a couple of lines to say thank you, thank you for all your encouragement and nursing. You are the Best.


In February 2009, after many months of what I called terrible tooth ache in my shins I was diagnosed with multiple lesions in my spine, 7 to be exact, and in my hip and liver.


I was immediately put into hospital and all the prodding and poking started. Eventually after a month in hospital I was told that they needed to start chemo to reduce the lesions so as to operate. Even though we would have a 85% chance of my becoming a paraplegic.  This news horrified me, and my family and I asked to be discharged as I needed to go home and just be with my family to talk things over. I said I would definitely under no circumstances even entertain the thought of chemo.

A friend Wally came to visit and he told me of a lady Pam Essery that did Sevenpointfive in Ballito and that I needed to get to her urgently. I agreed and before I could change my mind, Wally had made the appointment and given Roger the directions to Pam on her farm, the next afternoon I was on my way to meet with Pam.


This was when I regained hope. She was the most amazing lady to meet and talk to, she understood all the fears and explained the entire process of Sevenpointfive, and well, I started the  treatment. The first stage of treatment, the DETOX, let no man fool you about this, it has various effects on various people and you have to endure and persevere through this period.


I got exceptionally ill during this process and really did think that I was going to die. Roger called Pam and off I was taken to Pam on her farm where she encouraged and nursed me through a very very difficult DETOX. The pain in my legs, hips, spine and arms was horrendous, I could not keep any food in, I could not open my eyes for a couple of days. All I wanted to do was give up and stop the treatment, but dearest Pam just kept on encouraging me to "hang in we are almost over the worst period."


And thank you Pam for that encouragement. I would never have been able to do it without you and all the prayers. There were days when I could feel Jesus carrying me through with your encouragement. An entire week of horrendous DETOX.


During my 5th week of treatment I was told by the doctors that I needed to have the P.E.T scan. All along I did not tell them about my Sevenpointfive treatment and that by now I was already feeling much much better. In fact better than I had been in months. I went for my PET scan during my 7th week of treatment and eventually the results arrived after I had just completed my 10th week of treatment, with a call from the doctor telling me I needed to see an ENT specialist as they found a mass in the vocal chord area. I told the doctor I was feeling so well and that I felt there was nothing there as I could now swallow very well. Anyhow to keep them happy, off I went to the ENT specialist, who did the entire pushing a camera down the throat thing three times. He shook his head and said, "Wow, never seen this. The scan said there is a mass but there is nothing." All I did was say, "Thank you Sevenpointfive." He thought I was mad and I left. 


I have been on maintenance since then and let me tell you I have not been so healthy in years and have realized that I have to stay on this for the rest of life if I want to make old bones.  I only drink bottled water with my coral calcium sachets in, if I get a headache or pain in the one hip all I do is open a sachet and put it in a glass of water and drink it. Nausea, I just drink 'Aloe vera plus' diluted in water. I even use this as a cooldrink now. My entire diet and tastes have changed, all for the best.


Everyone that I meet with I tell about Sevenpointfive and Pam Essery from Ballito and how she assisted me overcome one of my most dreaded nightmares with Sevenpointfive.


All my love