Stressed, Depressed and Over-Medicated

What brought you to Sevenpointfive?

Desperation to feel better. I wanted to feel well and alive again without prescription drugs but rather finding a natural way forward.

What was your state of health prior to Sevenpointfive?

My mind was in a state of panic and stress and I felt unable to cope with day to day life. Everything caused me stress. I was very depressed and constantly exhausted. I was temperamental and exploded at the smallest of issues. Staying in bed all day was my ideal situation. My back ached constantly but especially at night.

What other methods of healing have you tried and what medications were you on and for how long?

I saw my GP regularly and was prescribed tablets for stress. This was over and above the warfarin and medication I was taking for an under-active thyroid. Due to the contraindications of warfarin, I couldn't take any medication to assist with symptoms of menopause. I felt alone and very frustrated with myself. I started to read self help books to regain positivity but nothing helped at all.

What change did you first notice on the Sevenpointfive Program?

After the detox period, I felt my energy level increase dramatically. My state of mind and head space was incredible. After just 3 weeks my varicose ulcer was clearing. Though I am still going through a lot, I now feel able to cope and deal with a clear head. My concentration and focus on tasks is now bearable and improving each day. I feel energised and revitalised daily and my back pains are completely gone.

How long did it take for you to regain physical/mental control over life?

It started during the 5 day detox. The first couple of days I felt terribly hungover but after that I've felt better and better each day. The back pain alleviated after the 2nd week.

How has Sevenpointfive changed the quality of your life?

WOW! It has changed so positively after just 3 weeks and I know it will just keep improving. I have more zest for life than I have had in years. I'm so much more positive and believe that this is a must for everybody. I am laughing with my family again, my head space is so much healthier and so is my body. I have even started to lose a little weight. Everything is positive.

How has your opinion of the medical profession and natural health changed?

Tremendously. Medical Aids should support homeopathic remedies note as this is by far the healthier option than filling your body with drugs mostly that have negative side effects and are full of toxins that pollute your system ore than we even realise. Our blood speaks volumes, GPs can only treat the symptoms.


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