I have a very high stress job in a highly stressful environment including regular time zone changes and my wife insisted that I go with her to Sevenpointfive in Hillcrest for a consultation. I am very sceptical of quick fixes and told Delia from the Hillcrest franchise this. Her response was “We love sceptics”.

A painless prick on the finger and a few seconds later I was told “I am not easily shocked, but I am shocked by what I see, you are a walking time bomb”. You see, I had been living on coffee, up to 15 cups a day, maybe eating once every 3 or 4 days, and stuffing my body with sugar. 

The choice was mine to make the changes or continue on the path of self-destruction, but I made that choice. I had never liked vegetables and fruit as I believed these were for bunny rabbits and goats and was wondering how I am going to get the recommended foods into my system, but I knew I had to, I owed it to myself and my absolutely wonderful wife.

I was leaving the country on another business trip so could not do the follow up after the detox, but detox I did and the feared detox symptoms were not as bad as I thought it would be. My wife also followed the detox and went through hell, but I was the lucky one. A month later I went back to Delia and the image displayed on the screen was totally different.

Pictures can speak a thousand words, but my body was telling me even more. I had lost 7kgs in around 2 weeks, not that my weight was really an issue as I am within a healthy range for my height. The major plus for me was significantly increased energy levels, my stress had all but disappeared, I was told by my work colleagues that I was looking much younger and healthier, my hay-fever had all but disappeared and my memory was sharp again. I could find my car keys, pens etc., I woke up before my alarm went off, no more irritability, and joint pains in my hands had vanished. The sun was shining again and continues to shine for me.

Sevenpointfive has truly changed my life.