I arrived on the doorstep of Sevenpointfive on the 3rd May after having a disastrous marathon on the 30th April.  In fact, I did not complete the race and pulled out at the 41 km mark. Lorraine did a live blood analysis and suggested certain changes to my eating habits and fluid intake.

I went on the Coral Calcium, Assimil8, Energiser and the Mindset.  My aim was to attempt the Comrades Marathon.

After about 2 weeks, I began to feel a difference in my running.  I was stronger and was not feeling that “ tired, can’t carry on” feeling.  This stronger feeling continued right up to the start of Comrades. On the race day, I took 2 Energiser before the race and thereafter, I took another 2 every 4 hours, a total of 6 Endura Max.  I started the race with 2 bags of Coral Calcium in my water bottle and opened a bag and poured it directly into my water every 1 and a half to 2 hours.  I used a total of 5 bags during the race.

I finished the race in 10 hours and 55 minutes without one single problem. I never experienced any cramps, dehydration or nausea and never felt negative once the whole day. I had done about 1 100 km’s in training since January.

 I felt that the advice and products given to me by Sevenpointfive has been a turning point in my running and I have Lorraine to thank for the wonderful experience of finishing Comrades 2000.