Sevenpointfive – My story

I was always a sickly child and often missed classes at school and later college.  If there was a bug going around, I caught it. Mouth ulcers, boils, skin infections, migraines, irritable bowel syndrome, constant nausea and lethargy, constipation, mood swings and period pains were all daily occurrences for me. And when these things occur on a daily basis, you become used to them and don’t realise that something is wrong.

I got used to being sick and spending a few days in bed felt normal to me. My GP was someone I saw at least once a month, in fact, I used to joke that my GP was my boyfriend, I saw him more often than anyone else.

Late 2009 I met Garth and he told me all about Sevenpointfive. My first reaction was “Yea right, just another sales pitch”.  Surprisingly though, Garth didn’t give up on me... it took a whole year to get me to agree to at least give it a try.

Words cannot fully describe how I felt. I was so used to being sick all the time that I couldn’t understand what was happening to me. I was sleeping well, my skin cleared up, headaches disappeared, I was regular and I had the most incredible energy! I felt excited when I woke up in the morning and instead of it taking a bunch of snooze hits on the alarm and scheduled phone calls from my mother to get me up, I’d jump out of bed and felt positive about the day.

I had never felt so alive before!!! What a fool I felt! I was mortified to have to go to Garth and tell him that he had been right all along and that I had been wrong. It took a whole year to get me to try Sevenpointfive; a whole year that I could’ve been enjoying life.

I haven’t seen my GP in months now (I am single if you’re interested), I have lost weight, I am healthy and I am really enjoying life. Garth and Sevenpointfive gave me my life back.  Garth is my yoda and I am eternally grateful to him and Sevenpointfive.

May the force be with you!