The super-est version of you.


The super-est version of you.

If you're tired of just being average, or downright exhausted, you don't need to get bitten by a radioactive spider or dose yourself with gamma rays.

You just need Sevenpointfive.

What is Sevenpointfive?

Sevenpoint - what?

Feeling weak or bad has a cause. It could be bad bugs. It could be an unhealthy environment. Sevenpointfive works to get your body to its ideal pH, about 7.5, slightly alkaline. Only then can you start to feel better. Stronger. Smarter.

How does it work?

First, you need to find out what is wrong. We use Live Blood Analysis to see exactly what is happening in your body right now.

Second, we show which of our super products you need. Only the ones you need. And we give personalised dosages.

Third, we teach how to make the right choices in your lifestyle. It's not all rice cakes and soy, but Superman didn't fill his lunch box with kryptonite.

happy_girlMy Daughter of seven complained of a toothache on Friday. With the weekend ahead, we thought that it was nothing serious and would get her to the dentist asap on Monday morning. By Sunday she was complaining heavily about toothache and we tried all kinds of home remedies, but nothing much helped.

When we got her to the dentist on Monday morning, an x-ray revealed that the tooth had a severe infection and that it had spread to the root. The tooth had to be extracted but not before the infection had been cleared up. He prescribed 2 types of antibiotics and pain medication for 7 days.

As we have not used chemical anti-biotics in more than 15 years, and had never given it to our 7year old daughter, we decided NOT to give her the chemicals but rather use some of Sevenpointfive's products. Tooth ache for a seven year old is unbearable and we decided to give her very small doses of the pain medication, just to relieve the pain a bit.

We started her on an immediate hourly regime of Olive Leaf extract, Silvermax, Berriola, Coral 8, Omega SLO, Activ 8 and Mindset. Within 48 hours the pain was gone, the swelling had subsided and the infection was 100% clear! During that 48 hours we gave only 3 small doses of pain medication.

Thank you Sevenpointfive.

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