The super-est version of you.


The super-est version of you.

If you're tired of just being average, or downright exhausted, you don't need to get bitten by a radioactive spider or dose yourself with gamma rays.

You just need Sevenpointfive.

What is Sevenpointfive?

Sevenpoint - what?

Feeling weak or bad has a cause. It could be bad bugs. It could be an unhealthy environment. Sevenpointfive works to get your body to its ideal pH, about 7.5, slightly alkaline. Only then can you start to feel better. Stronger. Smarter.

How does it work?

First, you need to find out what is wrong. We use Live Blood Analysis to see exactly what is happening in your body right now.

Second, we show which of our super products you need. Only the ones you need. And we give personalised dosages.

Third, we teach how to make the right choices in your lifestyle. It's not all rice cakes and soy, but Superman didn't fill his lunch box with kryptonite.

Varsity life is hectic! It’s been years of drinking excessively, smoking (excessively) and eating on the run, and my body paid the price. I was on holiday in the Nelspruit when I joined my mom for her follow up appointment at Sevenpointfive. She’d been suffering terribly with back pain, and I couldn’t believe how much better she was doing following this programme! When I saw her blood under the microscope, and started to learn about all the things it revealed about her health needs, I begged the consultant to squeeze me in for my own consultation, which she did.

Well… what an experience!! I have been curious about alternative health for a while already, and this was so so interesting and informative. I understood exactly what my body was experiencing and what I needed to do to help it get better.

My mom did another 5 day detox with me, to support me, and when I went back for my follow up I quite literally felt like a different person! My sinusitis (which I’ve had for as long as I can remember) was gone! My craving for ‘bad food’ like take outs and sweets was gone! I have more energy now, and I’ve even lost some weight already! I feel fantastic! I love being more in touch with my body and listening to what it needs!

Sevenpointfive has changed my life tremendously! I’d recommend it to anyone who has had enough of living an unhealthy lifestyle. If you are tired of the endless medicines and doctors bills, at last you will find value for your money here!!! Sevenpointfive just makes sense! Thank you so much!

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