The Sevenpointfive range is not just for humans - it can help your pets!

I use the Sevenpointfive range on myself and I decided to use it on my pet rats. Rats have a tendency to suffer with chest infections called Mycoplasma, it is hereditary and is passed down from mother to her kits. If a rat gets stressed they will suffer from a secondary infection. It works similar to HIV and Aids. They also suffer from inner ear infections and tumors.

I believe prevention is better than cure and my rats are on Olive Leaf, Silvermax and coral Calcium at all times. They get Omega SLO every third day. I aslo do GSE once in a while for parasites. I have found a great improvement in their immune system's and if they do get the sniffles they recover faster than what they would have without this wonderful range.


My one rat, Eki suffered continual chest infections. The vets wanted to put her onto cortisone and two different types of antibiotics. These did nothing for and made her worse and she was the first rat to ever go onto the Sevenpointfive range. I pulled her off the antibiotics put her onto the Sevenpointfive Alkaline diet and gave her Olive leaf and CMO. She recovered and never suffered from a chest infection again. She got her Olive Leaf in her water every day so her Immune system was always strong.

Cappuccino came to me in a terrible state. His fur was course and dry, he had terrible breathing and I thought he would not make it. He has been on the Olive Leaf, Coral Calcium and Omega SLO now for 3 months and what a change. His breathing is better, his fur is lush and soft and he has so much energy.

I have managed to help Ivory with a tumor that is currently behind her eye. This causes her to lose balance and motor control and on top of that she has a huge head tilt and at times her eye will push forward. I have managed with Omega SLO to prevent this tumor from getting out of hand. I have found since she has been on the Omega SLO her balance has improved, she can now eat with her paws and her eye has returned to normal. She now leads a happy life with a slight head tilt.

I have helped a broken paw with Omega SLO, CMO cream and DMSO. Ivory's front paw got caught in the door and her paw in broke across her metacarpals. She was in tremendous pain so I upped her dosage of Omega SLO to a full capsule every day. It helped with the pain and the swelling. I also put CMO cream and DMSO to help with pain and swelling. After a week and a half she was able to use her paw again.

Silvermax has also helped with an outer ear infection with my rat Ebony. 

The Sevenpointfive range is not just for humans, it can also help your pets - big and small. I truly believe in this product range and all my pets will get the supplements from this range as part of a healthy balanced lifestyle.


Janelle via Sevenpointfive Sea Point