Hi Delia,

I suffer from Rheumatoid arthritis and was on Cortisone for 2 years, when my doctor prescribed another drug for me. It kept my pain levels under control, but not my weight. I noticed at times that I was bilious but did not realise it was my medication causing the problem. My chemist gave me these drugs for 2 years on a six month prescription, so I did not see my doctor for 18 months and cannot blame him for not doing a liver function test. My weight increased significantly.

Seven Point Five was recommended to me by a family member.


I was shocked to discover that my liver was under stress. I was also shocked to learn that my medication is a schedule 7 drug. It was a leap of faith to stop the medication immediately, because prior to the medication I suffered severe pain.

Since being on the programme I have lost all excess weight ( maybe just a little too much ) , I no longer suffer from hay fever and my wrists have healed. I have suffered some trauma in my hands due to overdoing some sewing activity, but am confident that in time, this will heal as well. I still have arthritis - it will take time to heal - I am convinced I will heal completely. I do not have as much pain as before and really only suffer when I do not eat properly. Also, my skin has improved.

My family have been concerned about my weight loss so I went to see the doctor to please them. He did numerous tests and gave me a clean bill of health. Blood pressure perfect, all the other tests perfect I can't remember them all now - but he was really amused to find a woman being concerned about losing weight!

I talk about Seven Point Five to all who will listen so yes, I definitely recommend the programme.

Kind regards,

Paula Ferreira