I first had a case of bad bronchitis in October 1999. I had 2 courses of antibiotics over the next 8 weeks to no avail, and ended up in bed for 5 days with this terrible flu in the U.K.

In January 2000, I visited the GP in the U.K. who prescribed clarithromycin, a very strong antibiotic for 7 days for what was now, he said, a very deep-seated chest infection. 

Mid-January, I flew from London to Johannesburg and went straight to the GP, who after having confirmed with chest x-rays, diagnosed me as having pneumonia and pleurisy.  I then had six days of physiotherapy and 8 days of Ciprobay, another very strong antibiotic, which cleared the pneumonia, but not the pleurisy.

When I arrived in Durban, I visited yet another GP, who said that as far as he was concerned, I had had appropriate treatment and he didn’t know what else to do with me. He then referred to a specialist.

A further chest x-ray revealed that I still had pleurisy and the specialist agreed with the GP that the treatment, which I received, was appropriate.

He said there was nothing else he could do, but advised that I should go home and rest until I was better.


I heard about Garth Kent, from Sevenpointfive, through a friend.  I went to see him on the 24th January and then again on 30th January by which time I felt like a different person.

To square the circle, I visited the GP again on the 31st January. He said that unless he had seen me himself, he wouldn’t have believed me if I had told him how ill I had been when I first saw him 10 days earlier. He said that not only had my lungs cleared completely, but that he couldn’t believe how well I looked.  When he had finished the examination, he asked what I had done to get better so quickly, as he was very surprised, but pleased for me.

I told him that I had been to see Garth Kent, and his reaction was almost instantaneous brush-off. He dismissed the whole notion that nutritional supplements and the pH balance approach that Garth works with, could not possibly have helped.  Speaks for itself really!