Fatigue: I've been able to start exercising again!

I am doing much better!  The detox went well and since last week the fatigue has also disappeared - I've even started exercising again. My major concern was taking the Omega SLO because previous use of a different brand of Omega caused me to develop hives on my face and neck.  When I took first took the Sevenpointfive Omega SLO, I had a bit of itching and redness on my neck but it was mild and I continued taking the Omega. I have no problems now.

The pain in my arm comes and goes depending on the type of activity but it is definitely improving. I am sure now that the pain is caused by repetitive movement. My skin is looking much better, people are starting to notice and another bonus is that I managed to lose 3.5 kgs! This is a huge encouragement to continue with the program.  As far as the diet is concerned, I crave nothing that I'm not supposed to eat. 


Robert (my husband) is also doing very well although I have to keep an eye on him. He complains that he gets very hungry during the day, but that is due to not having a proper breakfast - He eats too little in the morning. We\re both doing well and losing weight and are now competing to see who's tummy gets flat first!


via Lynette Sevenpointfive Somerset West