Near Drowning Victim Makes Steady Recovery

After a near fatal drowning, 2 year old Nathan O Grady was left with cerebral atrophy and the inability to sit, hold his head up, crawl stand or walk. As a result of his affliction, Nathan’s body was rendered rigid and immovable. His relaxed state had his back extremely arched and inflexible so that only his head, pelvis and heels touched the bed. His arms, legs waist and spine were in a constant state of tension making Nathan literally, like a board. Any attempt to move a limb would result in his entire body moving as one solid unit.

Nathan was being fed via a tube and his muscles, without sufficient exercise and in a constant state of tension, had begun to atrophy. His body used a huge amount of energy to keep all his muscles in a state of rigid tension resulting in very little development and growth. 

Nathan was unable to express himself, show emotion or communicate and seemed unaware of his surroundings.

Nathan was undergoing physical therapy with slow but steady progress unil 5 months later, he was brought to see Mark at Sevenpointfive Bedfordview. Mark started him on Coral calcium, Assimil8, Activ8, Mindset, Omega SLO, Coral8, Berriola, SBO and Zing and the improvements and changes became exponential.

After just 7 months, Nathan’s little body began to show signs of relaxing. His natural lying state was now much flatter on his back, therapists were able to move his limbs more freely and could finally bring him into a sitting position without physically forcing a bend at the waist which was previously necessary. He can sit for a few seconds on his own and for much longer periods assisted. He is also able to swallow which removes the necessity of being tube fed.

Most encouraging, since starting Sevenpointfive supplements, Nathan’s development within communication and emotional display has come along in leaps and bounds. His previous blank and immovable expression has made way for smiling, crying, laughing and an understanding of why he’s expressing himself. He appears aware of his surroundings and enjoys company, often resisting sleep to keep an eye on whats going on around him. He enjoys playing games and noisy toys that hold his attention, watching television and can look left and right, follow objects and is making attempts to communicate.

Nathan is aware of his mouth and moves his lips into different shapes. He has learned to suck and can now sleep with a dummy. He has also learned to express when he’s fed up - he throws tantrums by making himself stiff and resisting when he’s tired of what’s going on.

Nathan's progress has been astounding to watch, each improvement a victory for a little boy who has shown incredible growth and development against the odds.