MS: I am no longer dependent on a wheelchair

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in December 1998.

My symptoms started with my eyes- which initially wasn’t a problem- until I started having symptoms in my legs (2009). My legs were numb and stiff and I struggled to walk and move around. I had a relapse in 2013 and was dependent on a wheel chair.


I heard about Sevenpointfive from one of my clients, so I made an appointment and started with the supplements that were recommended to me which were Coral Calcium, Activ8, Assimil8, Omega SLO, Mindset, Coral8, CMO, Zing, Silvermax and Promax.

I feel a lot better since I have been on Sevenpointfive and am no longer dependent on a wheel chair. I move a lot better!


Mariana Barnard via Alicia Lourens at Sevenpointfive George