I had been suffering with bad headaches for many years, only to be told by doctors it was something I had to learn to live with besides being questioned about my marriage or if I was stressed about anything? I use to live on Migraine Packs and if I dared eat chocolate or drink wine I would be in bed the entire day! With my headaches came nausea and vomiting.

We were visiting friends in Westville when I came across an article in a newspaper by Garth Kent about his struggle with headaches and how he was cured! Well, needless to say, I immediately made an appointment with Sevenpointfive in Hillcrest and saw Garth.

He did the acid test which was sky high and I was put on various products. During my first day of detox I developed the most awful headache and called his office as I was truly battling. He told me to take 1 Compral and I thought this guy is crazy, not even 2 Compral helped me in the past, half an hour later the headache was gone.

I do not get headaches any more and have been on maintenance for 7 years and have not felt better! I have tried to go without the products and within a month I start getting headaches again. I can eat chocolate and drink whatever I like! Sevenpointfive truly change my life, I am so grateful and have since referred many people who have also had great success.

Thank you Seven Point Five!!!.