Menopause: I am remarkably better!

For many years, I suffered with menopausal symptoms, even since my children were younger.

My General Practitioner said that HRT would help me because of the history of heart problems in our family

He had prescribed a HRT Gel which I was taking for many years, but when I moved, my new Gynaecologist was horrified to see that I had been on this treatment for so long as it was strictly for patients who had had a hysterectomy.  He stopped this treatment immediately.

My Gynaecologist was convinced I was suffering with Endometriosis as every HRT treatment administered caused non-stop bleeding. I was sent for many tests however everything came back “clear”. Confused, she suggested that I stop all treatment until further notice. The bleeding still continued.

My symptoms were heavy menstruating, continuous headaches as well as hot flushes, dryness of the vagina, mood swings and I felt that I was just not coping.

Since using Promax, I now find I do not suffer with hot flushes, vaginal dryness and I feel more like myself. There has been a tremendous improvement. No mood swings anymore and no crying at “the drop of a hat”.

My GP recently told me about a survey done on HRT which has proven that breast cancer is on the increase and is definitely a disadvantage whilst being on this treatment.  In fact, he even admitted “I would never put my mother on it so would not prescribe it for you”.  With such good results from Promax, he is impressed and has said that I not touch HRT.

Admittedly, Promax did not help straight away as it takes a while to correct years of hormone imbalances, but within just 3 months I have felt remarkably better. Garth Kent of Seven Point Five suggested I use it twice a day to improve effectiveness, and it has worked famously. I use Promax every morning and/or every night – religiously.

I’m a different person and the results from using Promax have been excellent.  I have told all my friends about this product as I want them to benefit from it as much as I have.