Pregnant with Leukaemia: My baby is 100% healthy

After trying for ten years I eventually got the wonderful news that I was pregnant.  I was put on iron tablets from the very beginning because I was told that I was anaemic.  When I reached six months I could hardly walk from one side of the room to the other, I had no energy and was breathing as though I had just run a marathon and I was getting paler and paler.  Something was not right.
I went to my Gynaecologist who sent me for blood tests.  My blood count was 6.  My next step was a bone marrow biopsy and that is when I received the devastating news .... I had Acute Myeloid Leukaemia.
The doctors immediately wanted to give me a blood transfusion but because of my religious beliefs that was not an option.  They also wanted to abort my baby so that I could have Chemo and Radiation but I flatly refused not only because of getting a 50% survival rate for me and son but because I had tried for so long to fall pregnant.  Not one, but two doctors accused me of murdering myself and my unborn son but I remained positive and focused.  Friends and family helped me in my search for an alternative healthy treatment.  Sevenpointfive was recommended and I started a program including Berriola immediately.
I am now seven months pregnant and my blood count has increased from 6 to 6.9.  After having a Fetal Specialist check my baby he is 100% healthy.  I still have a long way to go but with all the help and support from Sevenpointfive, I can now walk around without having to stop every five minutes, my cheeks and lips are pink more days than not, and I feel healthier than ever before.
I am focusing 100% on my baby and determined to have the healthy baby boy I have always longed for and I thank Sevenpointfive for being instrumental in making this possible for me through the products and support of Sevenpointfive.