I have had re-occurring back and shoulder problems since the age of 16. I have been on painkillers and anti inflammatory medication,on and off for the past 19 yrs.  I decided a while ago to take a different approach. I was given a chiropractors number, which I called and I also decided to try the Sevenpointfive products.

One of the products is G Max. This powder is very bitter, but once you notice the results you have, the taste doesn’t matter. From the first time I started taking G Max I noticed a vast improvement. I was able to move my back, it did not feel tight and uncomfortable. I managed to do some gentle stretching exercises. I kept drinking the G Max every two hours for the first two days, as this seemed to relieve the pain and tightness. I am hoping to resume my active outdoor activities soon. I will always make sure that I have a bottle of G max close on hand as my problems always seem to escalate on the weekends. I will not leave it to the last minute next time. I will be prepared.