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Within the first day I felt better, after a month my symptoms are completely gone

Before I started the Sevenpointfive program I was experiencing very similar symptoms to that of IBS. This would include extreme abdominal pain, hot flushes, headaches, bloating and general fatigue. Once I started on the program I instantly felt a difference, especially with taking the supplement – Assimil-8. However, I would still on occasion experience a sudden onset of excruciating abdominal pain, accompanied with hot flushes, and it felt almost as if my brain was all foggy. 

As I realized that my symptoms were very much the same as those diagnosed with IBS, Delia recommended I take SBO and Mindset. Within the first day I felt better. After a month, the symptoms have completely disappeared. I am feeling so much better now that I am on the Sevenpointfive program. I have noticed a striking improvement in my energy levels. There have been no headaches, and my overall health has improved remarkably. This program also saved me from picking up flu or any bugs during the cold winter months. To top it all off, I have managed to lose a bit of weight while on the program. 

I would definitely recommend this program to everyone. Sevenpointfive helps to balance the body, and I definitely feel a huge difference in my overall health. Whether you may suffer from slight aches and pains to more problematic conditions, I definitely believe that Sevenpointfive can help you!

Thanks Delia for all your help