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After 4 years, We have a baby girl!

After struggling to fall pregnant for about four years and a miscarriage in between, I was very hesitant to take chemical fertility medication and went to see Christo at Sevenpointfive Durbanville. He did a live blood analysis and found that my body's pH was too low, indicating an acidic system which could be the cause of my infertility. He gave me a detox diet and very useful information about healthy eating, as well as natural supplements to decrease the acid levels.

I had a long row of blue bottles of supplements to take during the day, Coral Calcium that looked like teabags to put in my drinking water and an ointment to rub into my skin. I soon started feeling energetic, my skin started glowing and not long after all the blue bottles were empty, we got the good news that I was pregnant! A healthy baby girl, weighing 3,92 kg was born on 25 August 2011. We are SO grateful!


Received from Ria by Christo at Sevenpointfive Durbanville