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My problems are a thing of the past AND I lost weight!

Where to begin? Since I can remember, I have suffered with digestive problems. Due to the pain and discomfort suffered after eating, I eventually had a limited diet of foods I could eat without pain.

After my first child (1993) I was hospitalised (ICU) with pancreatitis, colicistitus and hepatitis. The cause? The doctors were not sure but decided that the best thing would be to remove my gall bladder. After 3 days in ICU and another week in hospital using cyclamorph (morphine) for the pain, I was released and told to make an appointment for surgery in 2 months time to have my gall bladder removed.

At that time the operation was major surgery, which would have meant a large cut across the abdomen. I was far too vain to allow that!

I thought it best to look at alternate methods of treatment. I opted for homeopathy. For the next few years I had intermittent pain and discomfort, which I ignored. Again, a restricted diet and an aversion for foods that caused me pain was the norm. After my next baby (2001) guess what happened? The same problem! This time I was in ICU for 10 days, hospital for another 2 weeks and gall bladder removal 6 weeks later.  I decided that since the gall bladder concentrated bile fluids it was best not to eat foods that are difficult to digest, and so opted for a vegetarian-eating plan. 

I was recovering from all the medication and surgery and my family were really grateful I was alive however I was now a larger me, had NO energy and still suffered from ‘food intolerances’. A close friend of mine suggested I try the Sevenpointfive "cleanse, nourish and balance" protocol. I dubiously decided to give it a try.

I cannot begin to describe the difference! My liver has improved tremendously as shown in the Live Blood Analysis, my moods are manageable, food intolerances are no longer an issue, discomfort and pain from eating are a thing of the past and I have energy to stay awake late enough to put my children to bed at night.

And as a bonus I have lost 6kgs, with practically NO effort! I would recommend Sevenpointfive to all, if you wish to improve the quality of your life and achieve health rather than just living then there is no other protocol that can do this for you! (And yes I have tried them all!!)