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I have regained a vitality I never thought I'd see again!

For some years, I had diarrhea often for a whole week, and nothing seemed to help. My doctor had done all the tests, I had had two colonoscopies, and nothing showed up.

Eventually, I was tested for a wheat allergy and it came up positive. By avoiding anything with wheat or gluten, things became slightly better.

Nevertheless, my digestive system was definitely not right and I struggled to cope with the busy life I lead and I was never really well.

My health remained the same when we moved to Durban from Johannesburg, but eventually one adjusts to the below par, and works around it. About four years ago, things went from bad to much worse with my digestive system. My immune system was very low and I caught every virus and infection going around.

I started losing weight and every time I looked at myself in the mirror, I looked as if I were badly anorexic. I could no longer mix socially as often, because I was afraid that if I left the house, I would end up having an accident. My doctor, who was very empathetic did everything she could to find something that would help. I was very weak and began to feel that I did not have long to live.

One day, I went for my usual hairdresser's appointment and I heard two ladies talking about Sevenpointfive and how it had helped them. I felt pushed to ask what they were talking about. I prayed that I would be able to get an early appointment, as the practice was busy.

I went home immediately and phoned. I was lucky; I got a cancellation appointment that same afternoon. I went to the Umhlanga Sevenpointfive and spoke to the consultant Delia. I told her boldly that I was "on my way out" and that this was my last resort! She knew what I meant.

Her words were "Don’t worry, we'll sort you out". She warned me, after listening very carefully to me, that as the problem had a rather long history, it was going to take quite a long time to get me well again, but that I would have to be patient.

I felt somewhat cynical, and my thought was, "I am on the way out anyway, so what have I got to lose?" Delia put me on a detox diet and I went home with the rules and recipes plus digestive enzymes, (Assimil-8) that were aimed at cleansing the digestive system of parasites, and boosting the immune system, as well as a special pack of Coral Calcium sachets. I started to put the protocols into practice. I did everything that the consultant had told me to do, but I was still feeling very cynical.

It did take a long time for my system to come right, but I gradually felt that I was beginning to leave the nightmare behind.

They saved my life.

I am now, a very grateful lady of 73 years, who is in better health now than I have had for many years. I have regained a vitality that I had thought I would never see again. Whenever I start feeling below par, which is very seldom, I visit Delia and she adjusts the supplements according to the live-blood analysis, and within a couple of days, I am absolutely fine.

My medical doctor doesn't see me very often - maybe twice a year, if that. She knows exactly what happened and encourages me to continue doing what I have been doing with Sevenpointfive