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My Medication was destroying my white blood cells

I have had the Herpes Simplex Virus 1 in my eye for the past sixteen months.  Over this period, I have seen 4 Ophthalmologists and have had treatments of steroids, cortisone, antibiotics and anti- viral tablets and ointments, all with frightening side effects.

In October last year I was referred to a Haematologist who advised me to discontinue the use of the tablets as they were destroying my white cells and said that I could end up with Leukaemia.

As soon as any of the above treatments were stopped or cut down in dosage, the ulcers would grow again on my cornea, which caused the most extreme pain and discomfort.  Eventually, I was told to take 5 x 200mg anti-viral tablets per day for 2 years. I quote, " to see if this will kill the virus".  After being on this course for one week, I grew 6 ulcers simultaneously, which caused the most unbearable pain and stress.

It was at this point that a friend advised me to see Garth at Sevenpointfive. When I arrived, my eye was completely closed due to swelling.  My blood cells were like squashed capsules in bunches with very little evidence of white cells due to all the medication I had been taking.  

I discontinued my medication immediately and then followed the instructions I was given at Sevenpointfive. When I returned 6 days later, my eye was open with only slight swelling and discomfort.  My blood cells were absolutely remarkable - round and normal with evidence of white cells.

It is now 10 days later and I can only say thank you, as day by day, my vision is improving and I look forward to a virus free future.