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Relief after trying years of other remedies

I could feel that my health was gradually deteriorating but I was not able to pinpoint the exact nature or cause of that deterioration from the medical consultations. Then I read about Sevenpointfive on the internet.

My health was getting seriously compromising as I was forever tired, never had a day without headache, had very painful muscle cramps and inconvenience such as bloating and winds. For a year and two months I tried natural, western and traditional medicine that was prescribed to me but I could not force myself to take this medicine as I was certain that it was only masking the symptoms but not treating the cause of the illness.

After Sevenpointfive, I gained so much energy, felt light, headaches have become a thing of the past and so has my bloating. At first I went through a detox which was nauseating but I had expected it because of the toxins leaving my body.

By the fourth day of The Detox Programme I felt like I regained my physical and mental control. I have realised that simple healthy diet is the key to a healthy life. I had and still do have reservations about the medical profession as it takes them a while to determine the illness that the patient is suffering from. I also hate being “Pumped” with unnecessary chemically created medication as I prefer natural/homeopathic medications.

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