Finally say goodbye to headaches thanks to Sevenpointfive

During the year 2008 and 2009 I was suffering from major headaches every single day of my life. I went to the doctor's and he told me it may be stress and that there is no symptom of migraine headaches.

He told me to keep away from nuts, cheese, chocolate, coffee and yoghurt. He gave me medication. I tried it and there were no results. The medication just made me gain more weight. I even tried acupuncture, went for a CAT scan, got glasses and kept away from the sun.

The headaches became so intense that I could not handle it anymore. I was taking at least four tablets with hardly any effect. I could not concentrate in class. I could not do my homework or learn due to my headache. During exams, I was falling asleep due to the medication I was taking.

I couldn't enjoy shopping, going to the movies or visiting friends. All I wanted was to sleep to help ease my headaches.

I met someone in hospital and they told me to try Sevenpointfive's Mindset, which I bought from Delia Chabant in Durban. I tried it for 2 weeks and my headaches were reduced. I continued with it and after 3 months my headaches were gone.

Sevenpointfive has really made a major difference in my life I can now live a happy and healthy lifestyle and do whatever I want such as go out in the sun, eat the food I want or go to the movies. I’m truly grateful as I did well in my matric year and that would not have being possible if it wasn’t for Sevenpointfive.

I recommended Sevenpointfive to others as well and it has changed their lives. Sevenpointfive is changing one body at a time.