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I feel liberated!

Prior to my first consult at Sevenpointfive, I had suffered severely from fibrositis in my shoulders and back, as well as migraines. I always kept Sibelium, Migril, Synapforte, Besenol and Nurofen in my handbag for emergencies. Sometimes the doctor even injected me.

I had tried acupuncture for my fibrositis. I often went for physiotherapy but the pain was too severe. I had tears in my eyes, even when only touched gently. Someone suggested I try Sevenpointfive. When I saw for myself what was in my blood, I could understand why I wasn't getting better after years and years of suffering.

I'm 57 this year, so you can understand I have being suffering a long time, and just taking pain killers to get through the pain of fibrositis every day, sometimes spending hours in the dark of my room. There were parasites wriggling around, and going from one red blood cell to another. The cholesterol crystals were very evident. And there were TWO types of worms - apparently Whipworm and Ribbonworm. I nearly fainted. My pH level was 6.

Since the detox program I have not had another migraine and my fibrositis has eased so much that I can move my shoulders around freely. I feel quite liberated and my energy level has increased tremendously-  I am not tired nearly as much. Granted just a month has passed. My cholesterol has also lowered to just 3.