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I'm not afraid to live my life anymore!

My epilepsy started when I was 18 years old.  My father was also an epileptic and his problems began at the same age.  I don’t have the same kind of attacks though. If I had to describe the attacks I have had, I'd have to say that I have 2 kinds of epilepsy.

One kind of attack lasts for about 5 seconds and I am not unconscious.  There's just a feeling like when you go down the stairs and you think that there is one more step but there isn’t.  It's something like that - you get a shock, but that’s it. The other kind of attack really frightened me.  I could sometimes tell about an one hour before that it was going to happen.  I'd get a nervous feeling without cause. The period about 2-5 minutes before the attack is hard to describe.  I am very afraid. It is like being in a movie – I am not really there.  I can hear everything and I am able to answer questions but I have a hard time seeing where I am (not that I am blind but my vision doesn't seem to move at the same speed as I do). Then I lose consciousness for about 1 to 2 minutes. I have been told I hit with my arms and legs but strangely enough, I don’t shake – I hit, then I soil myself. Slowly, I start to hear again but I am not able to answer.  Then I am back to reality.  I am very cold and tired afterwards and have to sleep.  I feel ashamed and very sad.

I have medicine – but I had to ask myself – what is worse, the medication or the disease?  I got all the side effects - I mean every one of them.  Red spots on my legs, depression, hunger, aggressiveness and so on and so on.  Then I heard about Sevenpointfive and decided to quit the medicine (not at once, but gradually), and start the supplements. The first 4 days were a nightmare, but the consultant advised me to go on and push through the detox and assured me it would get better. I threw up, felt feverish and had pain in my bones, but I kept going with the supplements. I haven't had any attacks since then. I feel happy again and am not afraid to live my life anymore.  I feel great.

Healthy regards