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I want to get up and take the day on!

I normally don't believe in pretty packaging products you get on from TV and in chemists. But this time around my friend suggested to me that I use Sevenpointfive's Mindset Brain food and stress management supplement.

My husband works night shift and I don't sleep very well. I always used to wake up at night when he was at work. When he is home and works a day shift I would sleep fine. Since I started taking Mindset, I have a 7-day sleep pattern that is the same, no changes and I feel like a new person when I wake up.

Everyone knows that concentrating is always difficult when you have kids around you. I enjoy reading and scrapbooking. These days I keep the kids busy or let them help me and I seem to have more patience with them. They also take Mindset and it helps with their hyperactivity. It has also helped with my daughter's karate and just seems to be helping my family overall.

I am thankful that I was introduced to this because without it I don't think I would be the same happy person I am when I wake up in the morning. I even feel I WANT to get up and take the day on.