The labour was perfect and my little boy was born healthy and well!

I was 22 weeks pregnant with my first child when my skin started to itch everywhere. I assumed it was normal in pregnancy but when I mentioned it to my doctor she said because there was no rash they would need to do blood tests as it might be serious. When the tests came back I was informed that my liver function levels were raised and that this meant that I had something called Obstetric Cholestasis, which some woman get when they are pregnant. This meant that my baby could be stillborn, as the body creates too much bile acid and it can enter the womb and the baby can die.

 I asked if there was something I could to improve my condition, and the doctor told me there was nothing to be done to help. They told me I would have to be induced at 37 weeks or even earlier, depending on what my blood tests said through the pregnancy.

At this point I phoned Sevenpointfive’s Garth Kent, as I was in the UK and unable to go and see him. He told me to improve my diet and start taking some of the Sevenpointfive supplements as well as Milk thistle. Soon after this I was checked into hospital because they were very worried about my condition and they felt I needed to be on bed rest and be monitored. While in hospital the doctors recommended I take something for the itching – this would only help the itching not treat the condition at all and since I had also developed an infection they recommended I take an antibiotic. When I looked the antibiotic up, I found that one of the side effects was raised liver function levels, which was the original issue I was dealing with that was causing the itching! It was all very stressful and the doctors were very against me taking any natural supplements, in fact one doctor was even convinced it was causing my condition!

I was drinking about 6 litres of water daily and taking almost all the Sevenpointfive supplements and going for check ups 3 times a week. When I was about 32 weeks pregnant I moved to another area and so changed hospitals. At the new hospital the doctor told me that from the blood tests he could not even tell that I had Obstetric Cholestasis, and he would only monitor me weekly from now on.  At 37 weeks he told me he could see no need for me to be induced, and I eventually went into natural labour at 39 weeks. The labour was perfect and my little boy was born healthy and well.

I truly believe that without Sevenpointfive my pregnancy and birth would have been much more traumatic and even possibly tragic. I was told not to have more children as the Obstetric Cholestasis recurs and worsens in subsequent pregnancies, and yet I now have a beautiful little girl, and the OC did not return as I kept strictly to the same regime as in my first pregnancy.