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The jaundice and pains have disappeared!

I was diagnosed with choledochal cysts in the bile ducts of the liver a few years ago.

After being hospitalised for 3 weeks, doctors concluded that the only solution was surgery to remove the cysts. However, liver surgery is considered a major procedure with high risks of infection and with high mortality rates so I started on a journey to treat myself naturally.

I tried acupuncture, homeopathy and a range of the cheapest and most expensive over-the-counter herbal remedies I could find. I spent thousands, tried everything and could not get back on my feet.

I had severe symptoms of itching, fatigue, intermittent jaundice and weight loss. I felt I had closed every door.

I was then introduced to someone who referred me to Seventpointfive Umhlanga. His ill aunt had received help at this branch.

At first I was sceptical but after 3 more months of trying and failing, I finally decided to give it a try. I was so amazed at the first consultation that I couldn't wait for the follow up 5 days later. I was even more amazed at what I saw on the second test!

Thereafter things just got better and better. Delia suggested Assimil8, Activ8, Coral Calcium and Liver Detox. I have been on the up and up ever since- I just felt better and better. The jaundice and pains disappeared, the itching improved by 80 percent and the weight loss stopped.

To this day (15 months later) I feel so energetic and full of life; I cannot thank her enough! I have even reduced doses to a maintenance level, so much so that a month's supply lasted me 3 months.

My quality of life is so much more enhanced! In the next few months when I go for a follow up scan, I believe the problem will be fully cured.

Thank you Seventpointfive and Delia for the support and help as I was totally helpless by the time I had walked into her offices.

I give Seventpointfive 11/10.