After suffering for 12 years with what was diagnosed as a spastic colon and chronic constipation with no resolution other than to live on laxatives, it was in November 2010, that I was rushed to hospital with severe abdominal pain and chronic constipation lasting more than 10 days.
I underwent a number of x-rays; CT scans; sonar scans and blood tests before being advised that I needed to have part of my colon removed. At this stage the cause was unclear, but Cancer and Crohns were the two main suspects.
On the 12th of November, I went into surgery and had 90% of my  colon removed. The days and weeks that followed were the most tiresome I have ever known. 5 days in ICU and a further week in the general ward. Once in the general ward I was told that diverticulitis had killed the colon.
My body had to make huge adjustments internally to cope with the lack of colon. I was hospitalised again 2 weeks after the surgery with a severe stomach bug. Every time I stood up, I collapsed from malnutrition. I spent a further 4 days in hospital recovering.
In January of this year, I was re-admitted to hospital with severe abdominal pain – another batch of scans and x-rays later, I was told that scar tissue had grown over my small intestine and was causing an obstruction – I had this removed the next day. Spent yet another 4 days in ICU and a further 5 days in the general ward.
5 weeks later my stomach stopped working.... this is something that when you have no colon, should not happen. I went in for a battery of tests and the doctors could not pick up any physical reasons for this.  But still, if I did not use a laxative, my stomach would not work. By now I was losing heart because I had already been through two life altering surgeries, spent months away from my job and I was still not feeling the benefits of this.
In addition to this, my sleep patterns were completely out of synch, leaving me constantly tired during the day and lying wide awake at night – the dozens of trips to the bathroom at night were a large contributing factor to this. I have also been more unwell than well since the surgeries and I find that whatever bug is out there – I am likely to catch – not a good situation with a 3 year old bringing all sorts of wonderful bugs home from school.
After meeting with good friends for dinner one night, I was steered in the Sevenpointfive direction. I went to see Kyra at the Pineslopes branch and she advised me of a number of areas I was lacking nutritionally etc. I was placed on supplements to assist with gut function and general feeling of wellbeing.
Now bearing in mind that I have very little colon left and was still struggling to have a decent movement – you can imagine the elation I felt after my first dose of SBO  and  voila, all is well in the land of bowel! Since using Sevenpointfive, I have as many bowel movements as I have meals! For any constipation sufferer, this will be a major breakthrough.
I have now been on the Sevenpointfive program for 2 weeks and am feeling great! I have not struggled with my stomach at all since starting the program and coming from someone who has literally tried everything and lost the battle, that is a major breakthrough for me!
I would recommend Sevenpointfive in a heartbeat!!!
Thank you for giving me back my sanity!