Ovarian Cancer: Doctors label me a miracle!

I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in Aug 2008. I underwent three operations – firstly to remove a 16 x 12 cm ovary which was diagnosed by pathologists as borderline cancerous, second operation to remove a tumour from the remaining ovary (smaller tumour) which was diagnosed as stage 3 aggressive cancer.

When operating, surgeons observed the spread of cancer to the omentum (pelvic cavity), Sack of Douglas and speckles in other places. Surgeons recommended the removal of the remaining ovary and to surgically remove the lesions as best they can.

Operations and recuperations lasted from Aug to Nov 2008 during which time we purchased organic, natural, herbal products to boost my immune system and assist in healing.  

Jan 2009 I was due to start 6 months of strong chemotherapy but after much prayer and research, I was at peace to start healing, nourishing and balancing my body the natural way with Sevenpointfive. It also involved a total change in diet ie. organic food, filtered water, vegetable juicing, herbs & immune building foodstuffs etc. 

It was a trying time as natural healing treatment for ovarian cancer was unheard of and so with a giant leap of faith we started our healing journey. I am still on the programme and will be for life.

My first tumour marker was CA125 & scans after three months showed all clear. Doctors now label me a miracle. I have regular tests & scans done and to date my tests all show normal. 

I enjoy a healthy life now thanks to Sevenpointfive.

Meliza (28 Years old)