I would like to tell you my story about how SevenPointFive helped me.

My German Sheppard Sylla had Osteochondritis DissecansĀ at a very young age. She was about 8 or 9 months and she had to have an operation in her front shoulders to remove the bone chips.

The op was very successful but because of it she developed arthritis and had a bad limp. Sylla would struggle to get up after lying down and limp badly when walking after lying down. I was seeing Kyra-Lee Rothbletz from Fourways Sevenpointfive at the time and I told her about my puppies situation.

She gave me CMO and Omega SLO to give my pup every day.

Slowly I started to see an improvement until eventually she was pain and limp free. It did wonders for Sylla and I am hugely grateful to Kyra for taking an interest in helping Sylla.

Sylla sadly passed away in January from bilary but I will never hesitate to ask Kyra for help with any of my dogs health.