My story is of auto-immune disease.

After the birth of my second child I found myself back in hospital within days. I was suffering a cascade of auto-immune responses, with a new attack every second day. Soon I was on antibiotics, cortisone and several other horrible medicines, leaving me unable to breast feed my baby and with a body swollen by fluid retention.

After a week I was released from the hospital with a whole pharmacy in my bag. I was on the highest dose of cortisone to put my immune system out of play. The plan was to step down the dose and see what happened, but every time the result was a new auto immune attack. Tests showed a continuous high immune response and the doctors said to be patient and wait and see.

Now waiting and seeing is not my strong side so I went to a talk by Garth here in Nelspruit. There was a draw for a live blood analysis and consultation with Dr Joanne York, and I was the lucky winner.

The slide showed lots of white blood cells, crystals and other things which corresponded to my symptoms, so on I went with the detox week and heaps of Sevenpointfive. The follow up consultation showed improvement but I was not cured. I continued with maintenance dose of Sevenpointfive and my strict diet and am now pill and mostly symptom free as long as I stick to my diet.

I am convinced that Sevenpointfive helped me on the way to recovery. A great thank you to Garth and Joanne.