My diabetes is healed: My sugar is normal

What was your state of health prior to Sevenpointfive?

I was suffering from fibrosis and diabetes and also had full body swelling. I was not sleeping well, having stress nightmares and my teeth were very painful. I had itching all over my body, headaches and was very tired. I was on numerous medications for years.

What change did you first notice on the Sevenpointfive program?

I was able to sleep well, no more nightmares. The fibrosis and headaches subsided. I actually felt healthy again and was feeling happy.

How has Sevenpointfive changed your quality of life?

I have been on Sevenpointfive for 4 years, and my diabetes is healed. My sugar used to be about 25, and now it is normal. All my other symptoms went away ages ago. Sevenpointfive has given my the chance for a happy vision of the future and another chance to live a happy life and enjoy my work. 

Received by Pam at Sevenpointfive Ballito