I am more Energetic and Feeling Fabulous!

Hi, I am Rehana Kaskar. A few weeks ago my sister from Saudi Arabia and I came to see you as I had bought a consultation from Groupon.

At the time of our visit we were both at our lowest levels where our health was concerned. After using your products for at least 3 weeks, both of us have been feeling remarkably better.


I suffer from chronic backache due to arthritis of the spine and joint stiffness and I am now able to get out of bed comfortably, more energetic and feeling fabulous. My pH level has gone up from 6.5 to 7 , I crave for my crystal water and the strong smell of my urine has completely disappeared. Thanks to your product I am now joining Run/Walk to become fitter and hopefully slimmer for summer.

My sister also has raving results!

Thank you for the wonderful product.  I will be in to buy some more to send to her relatives in Saudi Arabia.


Rehana Kaskar via Mireille at Sevenpointfive Sea Point