I wont resort to statins!

I had to have a skin cancer removed about 4 months ago, and this prompted me to have a full medical check-up. I have never had one before and am nearly 59. When the results of the blood tests came back the doctor told me that my cholesterol was far too high at 6.7, and that I should go on statins. I had fasted for 10 hours prior to having the cholesterol test.

I was reluctant to take statins and began a course of Sevenpointfive Omega SLO capsules instead, taking two a day. I had to spend 15 days during the following month staying and working in a 3 star hotel. There were very limited meal choices and I ate eggs every morning. Lunch was usually lasagne or quiche, both with lots of cheese, and dinner was always meat covered in fatty sauce. On my return, when I had been on the Omega SLO pills for a month, I went to Dischem and asked them to do a finger-prick test for cholesterol. I hadn’t fasted prior to this test. The results were great; my cholesterol measured only 5.3. I have no doubt that the Omega SLO treatment will keep me healthy without having to resort to statins, which can have horrific side effects.

Nicki von der Heyde.